About WECA

The West End Civic Association (WECA) represents over three thousand households and 5200 residents, located in the west central section of the city of Hartford. WECA is both a civic association as well as the Neighborhood Revitalization Zone (NRZ) representing home owners, renters, businesses and non-profit groups.

WECA, as an organization, is made up of community members who volunteer their time to represent the interests of the neighborhood, to assist residents, and to plan activities. WECA holds quarterly general meetings which community leaders and experts attend and use to update neighbors in areas such as education, MDC projects, housing, zoning, city planning, and public safety.
WECA is comprised of several committees including: Architectural History, Beautification, Community Building, Education, Farmers Market, Social Activities, Planning and Zoning and Public Safety. Members of these committees have coordinated meetings to explain historic tax credits, have sold historic house plaques, planted trees and flowers on Girard, West Boulevard and in Elizabeth Park, held storytelling events, invited educators from our local schools to update parents on their schools and the Choice program, recognized Noah Webster honor students, set up a bigger and better Farmers Market near the Mark Twain house, coordinated the Gardens Around in conjunction with Hartford Blooms, hosted the biggest DineAround event ever, set up dog waste stations on Evergreen, provided the movies in Elizabeth Park and in the lot on Evergreen, volunteered at the local food pantries and created and distributed quarterly, hard copy newsletters and bi-monthly online eNews communications. WECA represents our neighborhood on zoning issues and city planning and has a social committee looking to engage residents in fun and interesting programs. Our Public Safety committee holds monthly meetings to bring the police and neighbors together to promote communication with our local law enforcement agencies. WECA also supports local initiatives by providing grant opportunities, and has representatives on Hartford2K, the MDC advisory group, and the city’s I-84 project.

WECA wants everyone in the neighborhood to feel engaged and part of the West End community. If you are interested in joining a committee, please give us a call. Our website has information about our board members, our mission statement and a copy of our Strategic Plan. Please join us in a future meeting.


West End of Hartford Sectors

West End of Hartford Sectors

WECA Strategic Plan


We look forward to working with all residents of the West End.