Membership Information

WECA would like to invite you to become a member of the West End Civic Association. WECA currently has almost 500 homes signed up as members, and we are looking to grow on that number every year. We live in a wonderful neighborhood and your involvement through time or donation, is very important to us. Please take a minute and fill out the attached form so that we know who you are, what committees you may be interested in, or just that you want us to renew your membership for another year.

The West End Civic Association is comprised of several committees that work to address issues and concerns that have been identified in our neighborhood. From public safety, to education, to planning and zoning, to beautification, to community engagement, our dedicated volunteers work on your behalf by engaging the city in discussions and coordinating activities and meetings within the West End.

Your membership dollars help support the work the committees do, pay for the movies in the park, help support the neighborhood grants program, the sector meetings and block parties, the trees and plantings you see, and much more. We have a great neighborhood because of great neighbors. Please take a few minutes to let us know you want to be a member. WECA is stronger if you are involved.

Thank you.